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Research & Strategy
App UX/UI Concept
Art Direction
Visual Identity
Brand Guidelines
Graphic Design

“Working with Darko has been fantastic. He is skilled, communicates very well and delivers great work in a timely manner.”
Matt Cahill,
Managing Director at Cordia Health


Alvea is a new startup developing an app that helps parents managing children's classes (ballet, music, dance, etc).  The app connects with schools and presenting their schedules in a more interactive and friendly way to the parents. 


AimlessFly was contacted in creating the brand identity and UI design of the app. We had the starting user flow and had to build on top using the new art direction that was created in the branding process. 


Based on market and user research we determined the style and overall art direction. round edges and strong colors that promote friendly and trustworthy energy. This helps in creating trust with parents and schools alike. 


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