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Research & Strategy
Website Concept
Art Direction
Visual Identity
Brand Guidelines
Graphic Design
Sales and Marketing Collateral
Event Displays
Social Media and Email Templates


Desker is a cloud-based remote office platform that helps companies manage employees remotely and helps employees with remote work. Desker is a product of realizing that remote working saves the team commute, money, stress, politics and much more and in exchange, they give the organization the data it needs to manage productivity, its a win-win."


Aimlessfly was tasked with creating the Brand Direction, Guidelines and website/app concepts for further inhouse development. Our challenge was to establish excellent ground rules that can be easily developed further by the Desker team. 


We went with friendly yellow colors and a clean modern 3d aesthetics.
Our approach showcased the tech behind Desker in a more approachable way that helped in gaining new clients.

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