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Naked Grace provides ready-made water infusions delivered in a premium packaging design. Using natural and delicious ingredients known for their purifying and nourishing qualities. Strawberry, Pineapple, watermelon, you name it! 

"Here at Naked Grace we wanted to create something truly innovative and special, that would benefit every aspect of your body and leave you looking and feeling amazing!  Over the years, we’ve worked to develop and perfect our formulas to ensure we’ve created  uniquely  delicious water infusions"


AimlessFly was tasked with creating the Brand Positioning, Brand Identity and Packaging Design. This quickly grew into creating all sorts of branded materials (printed and digital).


The product was targeted towards Instagram models and influencers with more than 90% female audience. Our solution was to create a very premium and eye-catching packaging that looks more like a luxury perfume than water infusion packaging. The unique look encourages photos and sharing while maintaining a relatively cost-efficient production.


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