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NeuroTracker emerged out of 20 years of neuroscience research to enhance mental performance. It challenges you to track multiple targets moving dynamically in 3D space. Training adapts speed and complexity in a way that maximizes your cognitive training at every step.

Used by elite athletes and military Special Forces to heighten human performance, by clinicians to improve the cognitive abilities of patients, and by students to boost learning.


After the successful web and branding of Nothing Artificial (Neurotracker's parent company), the company contacted us in the rebranding and web design of Neurotracker. 

Market and user research showed that the old logo was generic and need a refresh and a modern take.  


Our approach was to take the main training program and integrate it into the new branding and design assets. The logo contains the letter "N" made of balls representing the elements used in the software. 

The overall art direction is a modern and abstract stylization of the 3d stage and software used in Neurotrackers program.


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