NFC Estates


Nfc Estates is a concept for a real estate website. It differs from the rest by unifying Nfc technology, QR codes and standard real estate search engine. Its look is simple, modern and its stripped off of unecessary features.The idea is to offer the user the best properties for the area of interest in as little clicks as possible. At the same time, the customer can access useful info about a certain property in real life by tapping on a board or scanning a qr code. Everything connects to the same database and presents one unified experience.

We optimized the site for intelligent advertising. Our conceptual real estate search engine is consisted out of a splash screen and blocks that advertise various properties underneath. The splash image serves as an explanation of what the site is all about and at the same time it is an advertisment for a property in the area. By interacting with the two main buttons the user can either learn more about the site and how it works or about the property that's featured. The easy navigation and beautiful imagery invite the user to explore more while the site adapts to the users preferences and provides more relevant search results.




Nfc & Qr boards have been around for a while. For real estate they can be very useful because they provide more info about the property without the need to call an agent and book a tour. House plan, detailed map, statistics about the area, anything the user would be interested in available with a simple tap or code scan. The best thing is that it connects to the main website and besides offering extensive info about that particular property NFC estates also offers more useful options like comparing this property to others or saving the property so that it can be viewed later at home. All this available on any device with an internet connection.





Our unified design features beautiful real estate imagery and simple blocks with info. The blocks in the splash screen provide a little bit of info about the property with an option to view more. We chose to design the site this way because it is easy to make it responsive and adapt to any platform and at the same time it provides essential info in a clear and concise way. The color of the info block is determined by the main color of the company that offers the property. This allows us to make every advertising block look branded without it being overly aggressive.






The blocks underneath the splash screen are completely modular. Their size depends on how much a certain company decides to advertise a property. The blocks are consisted out of a picture of the property and the logo of the company that advertises it. On tap or mouse over, the area is covered in semi transparent branded color and a little bit of info is provided. The user can click or tap to view more about the property. Other types of ads outside of real estate can also be integrated in this set of blocks.

The blocks are fully responsive and easy to view on any device. The example below shows how the blocks scale on various devices.





Another important feature of the NFC estates search engine is location awareness. Once an area of interest is selected the site immediately shows important statistics about the location, info on schools near by, shopping zones, parks and recreation zones etc. 


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When searching, the user is presented with a map that takes most of the screen space. The icons again take the color of the company that advertises them. On click the icon expands and offers a little bit of info about the property. Another option takes the user to a new screen that offers extensive info about that particular property.

At the bottom similar properties that match the search criteria appear in a box that contains basic info. Again, everything is standardized and laid out in a way that connects to the design language introduced earlier.


Simple and instantly recognizable symbols are used throughout the site. The white color is used whenever is possible in order to counter the colorful boxes and the map that’s present most of the time. Soft shadows are present to emphasize clickable objects against a colorful background.