BRANDING / APP & WEB DESIGN / ART DIRECTION


Unlike other health apps, Run & Rule isn’t about how quickly you  complete your exercise – it’s all about how often you get out and get active. 

By using Run & Rule every time you go for a walk, run or cycle, you claim your ‘Rule’ (territory) and build up your defences. The more active you are in your Rule, the stronger it becomes. But beware of slacking off – that’s when neighbours may take over part of your Rule.

Our clients Kere and Clare envisioned an enjoyable, competitive health app, that encourages users of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels, to get up off the couch and get active. The Run & Rule app is designed not only to initiate healthy lifestyle changes, but the competitive nature of the app encourages long-term adoption, usage and advocacy. 

Our brand concept focuses on the app’s competitive nature. The logo is slightly angled in order to portray movement, and the letter “&” is designed to symbolize overlapping territories. Besides the logo, we created series of mobile screens that provide guidelines for the look and feel of the app.  We also created a simple website concept that serves as a promotional tool.