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Research & Strategy
Brand Guidelines
Graphic Design
Logo System
Typography, Color, Illustrations
Brand Guidelines
Website Design
Website Development
UI/UX for Dahsboards
Art Direction
Visual Identity
Sales and Marketing Collateral
Event Displays
Social Media and Email Templates

“Darko's combination of artistic talent, creativity, and communication skills made working with him on our branding and website project a pleasure. He readily accommodated all of our additional milestones and took care of locating additional freelancers relevant to our project.”
Dan Fletcher,
CTO at Tessera Digital


Tessera Digital is a data analytics startup, helping publishers and advertisers in their strategy and offer insights on all levels.

"Our multi-channel data sources and proprietary algorithms are capable of identifying new market opportunities and revenue streams that would otherwise have been impossible to uncover. In addition, our specialized approach is ideal for strategic marketing and branding companies seeking tailor-made solutions on a campaign-by-campaign basis."


We were brought in from the very beginning of creating the company in helping through all design needs and in all phases. Logo, Brand identity, design strategy, web design (and development), decks, PPTs, we crafted everything visual coming out from Tessera Digital. 
Awesome project with awesome people. 


We knew we had a big project on our hands, so it was very important to build a dynamic design identity that can be used in all media and formats. We went with strong blue colors representing tech and isometric theme with hints of geek culture for a lot of character.


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