Back in 2013 we were contacted by a local thrash metal band and friends to create their new album cover. It was a pleasure to work with Vandal, also it’s always good to get our inner rage on the canvas. The music is powerful which deserves a powerful cover.

When brainstorming about the art direction and overall style of the cover we knew that we wanted to have a classic heavy metal feel but with a more modern twist in the design. We wanted to get away from the all dark and black covers, but still have the dramatic feel to it. That is why we went with strong warm colors. Having a comic book style illustration that has strong blacks which go well with the bright colors.



For the booklet we wanted to keep the same illustration style and have a tribal feel to it. We ended up creating tribal/typographic symbols for each member of the band, which can be seen below. 

Vandal_vynil back2Vandal_vynil back2
Vadnal_last graphic 3Vadnal_last graphic 3